Health Quality Ontario (HQO) Evidence Development and Standards team

Alternate name: 
L'équipe d'analyse des données et des normes de Qualité des services de santé Ontario (QSSO)
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America, North
The Health Quality Ontario (HQO) Evidence Development and Standards team (formerly the Medical Advisory Secretariat), led by Dr. Leslie Levin, is a partnership of HQO staff and scientific collaborators. The clinical component of HQO’s evidence-based analyses consists of a systematic review of the published evidence on the safety, efficacy and effectiveness of the intervention. These reviews are conducted by HQO staff, including clinical epidemiologists, medical information officers, and medical editors. For interventions that are effective, the evidence-based analysis also includes an economic analysis, which consists of 1 or more of the following: a systematic review of the cost-effectiveness literature, a cost-effectiveness analysis, and/or a budget impact analysis. The cost-effectiveness analyses are conducted by health economists from the Toronto Health Economic and Technology Assessment (THETA) Collaborative and the Programs for Assessment of Technology in Health (PATH) Research Institute. HumanEra at the University Health Network undertakes reviews on topics related to human factors and safety. Occasionally the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis (CHEPA) conducts systematic reviews of the qualitative literature to evaluate patient, health care provider, and caregiver experiences with the intervention under review.
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