Appraisal of: Lowe J, Peters J, Shields B, Cooper C. Methods to update systematic literature searches: full update searching vs. forward citation chasing; a case study from a systematic review of diagnostic accuracy [poster]. University of Exeter Medical

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The aim of the study was to compare 2 methods used to update the literature searches. 1) A standard, full-update search using the Systematic Review’s (SR) original search strategy. 2) Using Web of Science (Thomson Reuters), forwards citation searching was conducted on the 10 studies included at full text in the SR.

In terms of time, the citation chasing arm was considerably more efficient. In terms of effectiveness, the full-update search produced a greater number of includable studies for full-text screening (full update search n=9, citation searching n=1). There was no cross-over between the arms of this case-study: each arm offered us unique studies, so no one arm could have been independently used.

Conclusion: full-update searching, including standard supplementary search methods, are advisable when searching for studies reporting diagnostic tests.

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No limitations were stated by the authors.

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Abstract, no full text publication available; articles used for reference set “identified for full text screening” (not included references).
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Single study