Appraisal of: Paisley S. Identification of evidence for key parameters in decision-analytic models of cost effectiveness: a description of sources and a recommended minimum search requirement [epub]. PharmacoEconomics. 2016. DOI 10.1007/s40273-015-0372-x

Short description: 

This paper provides recommendations for the minimum level of searching which should be conducted to populate the various parameters  (e.g. treatment effects, costs, resource use) for a health economic decision model. The minimum searching level varies by parameter and the author suggests that the level should be adjusted depending on the importance of the parameter to the model. The paper describes the range of different resources which might need to be searched for each parameter and also indicates where country or region-specific resources might need to be identified. Specific guidance is given for each parameter and where more detailed guidance is available for search approaches for specific parameters, this guidance is signposted. This paper also makes brief recommendations on how to report searches.

Limitations stated by the author(s): 

The author highlights the developmental nature of the searches undertaken to inform decision model searches since modelling is an “iterative and dynamic process” and that this is difficult to capture in procedural guidance such as this.  The author acknowledges that the recommendations in this guidance have “not been tested empirically” and further research is required to support the recommendations.

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No additional limitations were detected by the reviewers.
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Single study