Appraisal of: “Maggio LA, Tannery NH, Kanter SL. Reproducibility of Literature Search Reporting in Medical Education Reviews. Acad Med. 2011;86(8):1049-54.”

Short description: 

The aim of this paper was to examine the reproducibility of search strategies as reported in medical education literature reviews.  The findings indicate that documentation of search strategies in medical education reviews is highly variable and none of the selected reviews included reproducible searches.  The authors make recommendations for reporting search strategies and create checklist of items to be included to allow for reproducibility.

Limitations stated by the author(s): 

The authors only looked at reviews from three journals that focus on medical education and are not indexed in Medline. They did not look at the clinical literature on medical education.  Furthermore, they only looked at reviews from 2009, which may not be representative of years earlier and later.

Limitations stated by the reviewer(s): 
No additional limitations detected by the reviewers.
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