Appraisal of: Thielen FW, Van Mastrigt G, Burgers LT, Bramer WM, Majoie H, Evers S, Kleijnen J. How to prepare a systematic review of economic evaluations for clinical practice guidelines: database selection and search strategy development (part 2/3). Exp

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This article is the second in a three-part series on how to prepare a systematic review of economic evaluations. It provides a good overview of the literature on how to select relevant databases and develop a search strategy for retrieving economic evaluations. While the main target audience of the article is developers of clinical practice guidelines, the process described is helpful for systematic review researchers as well as those undertaking health technology assessments. The authors identify four steps in the search process: (1) selecting relevant databases (basic, specific and optional); (2) developing a comprehensive search strategy; (3) performing the searches (including documentation), and (4) selecting the relevant studies. The authors note the recent discontinuation of two health economics databases (HEED and NHS EED), which has resulted in an increased reliance on the use of search filters designed to capture economic evaluations. Also noted are unsettled issues, such as the lack of consensus on how many and which databases should be searched, as well a lack of uniform guidance on the methodology of developing a sound search strategy. Validated search filters and automated processes may help to overcome problems created by the lack of health economics-specific databases.

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