Master of Science (Health Economics)

The University of Manchester
Health economics
Course outline: 
  1. You would like a strong background in economics and applied econometrics as well as a specialisation in the economics of health.
  2. You are keen to be part of Manchester's thriving Centre for Health Economics , which supervises master's dissertations on the most current healthcare topics.
  3. You would like to take an economics of health dissertation and or Economics of Health modules and to be eligible to apply for a research post or PhD at the University.

Health is a major economic issue. It is a primary determinant of labour market participation and the generation of wealth. Consequently its social and geographical distribution is a major policy concern in most countries. In this respect, economics has proved to be a very powerful tool to inform policy making in the health sector.

This course aims to provide rigorous training in modern theories and techniques in economics of health and health care at postgraduate level.

The course provides training for those aiming to be health economists in national and international public (NHS, WHO, etc) and private institutions including consultancies. It also serves as a sound foundation from which to embark on a PhD Programme in Health Economics.

Students are introduced to key concepts, tools and techniques via core and optional course units, and have the opportunity to combine and develop their skills in writing a supervised dissertation.

Cutting-edge health related issues and policies will be critically examined and by the end of the course, students will be able to rigorously engage with current theory and practice in health economics. Students can develop theoretical or empirical models of their own from which to derive original results and offer a critique of existing theories and practice.

The bulk of the teaching and research supervision for students on this Programme is done by members of the Economics DA (School of Social Sciences) and the Manchester Centre for Health Economics research group (Institute of Population Health).

Core Modules

  • Cross Section Econometrics
  • Mathematical Methods in Economic Analysis
  • Microeconomic Theory
  • Public Economics
  • Topics in Economics of Health
  • Economics of Health
  • Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Economics
  • Econometric Methods
  • Development Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
Type of training: 
Master's degree
Delivery mode: 
Face to face
United Kingdom
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