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Course outline: 

Are you a health professional or economist interested in furthering your knowledge of health economics in Australia and internationally? At Deakin, you will join the largest health economics team in Australia.

Get specialist training in the application of health economics to health policy, health technology assessment and the health care system.

Deakin’s Master of Health Economics gives graduates from a range of areas – from nursing and pharmacy to business administration and health management and beyond – a strong theoretical foundation plus analytical and quantitative skills to understand the complexities of health care financing.

You will learn skills in health technology assessment, economic evaluation of health interventions, resource allocation and priority setting, healthcare financing, health systems research and the health economics/health policy interface.

You will also receive high-level training in modelling and health technology assessment. As a graduate, you will be able to critically evaluate current research in economic policy and economic evaluation of health services as well as participate effectively in health policy development and debate.

In addition to numerous career opportunities, you will have the opportunity to join Deakin’s leading health economics academics and progress to a PhD at Deakin University.

All students must complete the following seven core units:

  • HSH717 Health Economics 1
  • HSH719 Economic Evaluation 1
  • HSH746 Biostatistics 1
  • HSH761 Health Technology Assessment 1
  • HSH762 Resource Allocation and Priority Setting
  • HSH764 Economic Evaluation - Theory and Practice
  • MPE781 Economics for Managers

All students must complete a minimum of three selective units from these five options:

  • HSH744 Epidemiology 1
  • HSH763 Financing Health Care
  • HSH765 Health Technology Assessment 2
  • HSH766 Economics and Health Policy Analysis
  • HSH767 Economic Modelling

Students much choose up to six additional credit points of elective study:

  • HSH731 Minor Project A (1 credit point)
  • HSH732 Minor Project B (1 credit point)
  • HSH733 Major Project A (2 credit points)
  • HSH734 Major Project B (2 credit points)
Type of training: 
Master's degree
Delivery mode: 
Face to face
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