Master of Applied Health Services Research

University of New Brunswick
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Course outline: 

The Applied Health Services Research (MAHSR) program is a collaborative ventrue between UNB, the Atlantic Regional Training Centre (ARTC) and three other Atlantic Canadian Universities. This unique program is designed for those with or without a healthcare background. Instructors hold all classes online and provide students with an interdisciplinary approach to healthcare research. Students obtain a hands-on experience through a residency placement.

Students in the MAHSR program gain the necessary skills to tackle key issues in health service policy, administration and delivery. Graduates pursue exciting careers in health research, healthcare and health policy, contributing to ARTC's goal of increasing health services research capacity in Atlantic Canada and beyond.

Examples of Research Areas

  • Patient Care
  • Healthcare Services
  • Health Policy
  • Determinants of Health
  • Mental Health
  • Community Health

Recent Student Research

  • Dentists' Practices in Long Term Care Facilities
  • Experience of Infertility among Young Men after Cancer Treatment
  • Difference in Mental Health among Canadian Youth
  • An Evaluation of a Lifestyle Intervention Tool in the Workplace
  • Effects of Empowerment on International Health
  • Impact of Provincial Policies by New Brunswick Physicians
  • Dietary Recommendations for Oral Health and Healthy Weights
  • Factors Associated with Conduct Disorder in Children
Type of training: 
Master's degree
Delivery mode: 
Face to face
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