Agencija za kvalitetu i akreditaciju u zdravstvu i socijalnoj skrbi (AAZ)

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Agency for Quality and Accreditation in Health Care and Social Welfare (AAZ)
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The Agency for Quality and Accreditation in Health Care and Social Welfare (hereinafter: the Agency) was established pursuant to the Act on Quality of Health Care and Social Welfare (official gazette of the Republic of Croatia “Narodne novine” no. 124/11). The Act defines the Agency’s authority and area of activity, and determines the principles and system of measures for exercising and improving the quality of health care on all levels in order to ensure patient safety and decrease risk when it comes to the lives and health of patients. Furthermore, the Act defines the accreditation procedure for health institutions, companies, and private health professionals, with the aim of improving health care quality and decreasing patient health risks: it also defines a system of measures for the exercising and improving social welfare quality, the accreditation procedure for social welfare institutions, and accreditation procedures for other legal and natural persons engaged in social welfare, as well as health care technology assessment.
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