Peninsula Technology Assessment Group (PenTAG)

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Peninsula Technology Assessment Group (PenTAG)
United Kingdom
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PenTAG is a vibrant and multidisciplinary research group which specialises in the synthesis of research evidence for informing health policy and practice. This work spans both ongoing contracts to support national policy-making agencies and internationally recognised methodological research relevant to evidence synthesis and improving the influence of research on policy-making. We currently have four major work streams which fund most of our 20 or so research staff: Health technology assessment (both for NICE, and the NIHR HTA programme) Public health evidence reviews & analyses (supporting NICE Public Health Guidance development) Systematic reviews and meta-analyses for the Cochrane Heart Group PenCLAHRC review team Our methodological work encompasses meta-ethnography for reviewing qualitative research, information graphics for decision-making, web-based utility elicitation methods and the use and validation of surrogate outcomes in HTA.
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