Appraisal of: Glanville J, Paisley S. Chapter 7: Searching for evidence for cost-effectiveness decisions. In: Shemilt I, Mugford M, Marsh K, Donaldson C. (editors). Evidence-based decisions and economics: health care, social welfare, education and crimin

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This textbook chapter summarizes the available published evidence on the approaches and methods for literature searching in support of both economic evaluations and decision models in health care. For economic evaluations, a range of database resources and search filter designs are presented. For decision models, the inappropriateness of the traditional PICO search approach is discussed. The authors provide an outline of the unique types of information needs and resources required for these models. Systematic approaches and transparency are emphasized, and an understanding of the development and purpose of both economic evaluations and decision models is encouraged.
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The chapter authors focus their analysis to health care related economic evaluations and decision models only. Searches on other peripheral topics in the health economics area, such as burden of illness studies, health resources use, etc. are deferred.
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No additional limitations detected by the reviewer.
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