Appraisal of: Waffenschmidt S, Hausner E, Engel L, Volz F, Kaiser T. Benefit of searching different databases to identify health economic evaluations in German HTA-reports. Abstract presented at: Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi) 7th Annua

Short description: 
This study assessed the benefits of searching various databases used for identifying health economic evaluations. German language HTA reports that incorporated economic evaluations were consulted. The data sources used in the literature search were analyzed to see where relevant references were retrieved from (standard international, German or health economics databases). The findings showed that 90% of citations were retrieved from searches of MEDLINE, Embase and the Cochrane Library (HTA database). Neither German databases nor health economics databases (such as NHS EED) provided any unique citations. These findings indicate that German HTA reports identify most of their relevant health economics citations through standard international databases. However, if a comprehensive pool of studies is required, searching additional sources beyond bibliographic databases, including hand searching, seems to be required.
Limitations stated by the author(s): 
This is a presentation of preliminary findings.
Limitations stated by the reviewer(s): 
Since results are available only in abstract/poster form, complete study information is not available. The study was limited to German language reports, so results may not be transferable to other countries or languages. We note that health economics databases tend to be populated from MEDLINE or Embase and are therefore unlikely to yield unique references: their value lies in being time saving and value-added.
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Single study
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