Australia and New Zealand Horizon Scanning Network (ANZHSN)

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The horizon scanning program was established to provide advance notice of significant new and emerging technologies to health departments in Australia and New Zealand, and to exchange information and evaluate the potential impact of emerging technologies on their respective health systems. The Australian Horizon Scanning Program is a collaborative Commonwealth and State initiative guided by the Health Policy Advisory Committee on Technology (HealthPACT). HealthPACT is a sub-committee of the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council (AHMAC), reporting directly to the Clinical, Technical and Ethical Principal Committee (CTEPC). HealthPACT comprises of representatives from all State and Territory health departments, the Australian Department of Health and Ageing, the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC), the New Zealand Ministry of Health and the New Zealand District Health Boards. HealthPACT provides jurisdictions with evidence-based advice on emerging technologies. This information is used to inform jurisdiction financing decisions and to assist in the managed introduction of new technologies.