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This division presents a selection of glossaries on Health Technology Assessment (HTA):

  • EUnetHTA Adaptation Glossary

Responsibility: European network for Health Technology Assessment

  1. Chase D, Rosten C, Turner S, Hicks N, Milne R. Development of a toolkit and glossary to aid in the adaptation of health technology assessment (HTA) reports for use in different contexts. Health Technol Assess. 2009; 13(59): 1-142. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  2. Rosten C, Chase DL, Hicks NJ, Milne R; European network for Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA). Enhancing understanding: the development of a glossary of health technology assessment adaptation terms. Int J Technol Assess Health Care. 2009; 25 Suppl 2: 42-7. [Further reference details] [Full text]

[EUnetHTA Adaptation Glossary – search online] [EUnetHTA Adaptation Glossary – download pdf]


  •  HTAi consumer and patient glossary (A beginner’s guide to words used in health technology assessment)

Responsibility: Health Technology Assessment international

[HTAi consumer and patient glossary – download pdf]


  • HTA

Responsibility: INAHTA, HTAi and others

[HTA – search online]


  • INAHTA Health Technology Assessment glossary

Responsibility: International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment

[INAHTA Health Technology Assessment glossary – search online]


  • NICHSR HTA 101 glossary

Responsibility:National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology, National Library of Medicine

[NICHSR HTA 101 glossary – search online]


  • SWISSHTA glossary

Responsibility: Swiss Medical Association (FMH), Interpharma, Institute for Innovation and Valuation in Health Care (InnoVal), Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMW), santésuisse.

[SWISSHTA glossary – search online]

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