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This division presents a selection of guidance publications and handbooks on Health Technology Assessment (HTA). For further context specific guidance publications please visit the division "Domains in HTA".

  1. Agency for Health Technology Assessment. Guidelines for conducting Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Warsaw: AHTAPol; 2007. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  2. Cicchetti A, Marchetti M. Manuale di health technology assessment. Roma: Pensiero scientifico; 2010. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  3. Corio M , Paone S , Ferroni E , Meier H , Jefferson T, Cerbo M. Systematic review of the methodological instruments used in Health Technology Assessment. Rome: Agenas; 2011. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  4. European network for Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA). HTA Core Model® for Medical and Surgical Interventions v. 1.0r. Helsinki: Finohta; 2008. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  5. European network for Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA). HTA Core Model® for Diagnostic Technologies v. 1.0r. Helsinki: Finohta; 2008. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  6. European network for Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA). HTA Core Model for screening technologies: Version 1.0. Helsinki: Finohta; 2012. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  7. Health Information and Quality Authority. Guidelines for Evaluating the Clinical Effectiveness of Health Technologies in Ireland. Dublin: HIQA; 2011. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  8. Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program. Health Technology Assessment process guidelines. Nonthaburi: HITAP; 2012. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  9. Hermosilla Gago T, Grupo de Expertos de las Agencias de Evaluación de Tecnologías Sanitarias de España. Manual para adaptar informes de evaluacion de tecnologías sanitarias a los ciudadanos: Guidelines to produce citizen-friendly Health Technology Assessment reports. Sevilla: Agencia de Evaluación de Tecnologías Sanitarias de Andalucía (AETSA); 2007. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  10. Kristensen FB, Sigmund H (ed). Health Technology Assessment Handbook. Copenhagen: Danish Centre for Health Technology Assessment (DACEHTA), National Board of Health; 2007. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  11. Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Health Technology Assessment. Methodenhandbuch für Health Technology Assessment Version 1.2012. Wien: Gesundheit Österreich GmbH; 2012. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  12. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Guide to the methods of technology appraisal. London: NICE; 2008. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  13. Pan American Health Organization. Developing Health Technology Assessment in Latin America and the Caribbean. Washington, DC: PAHO; 1998. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  14. Panerai RB, Peña Mohr J. Health Technology Assessment methodologies for developing countries. Washington, DC: PAHO; 1989. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  15. Perleth M, Busse R, Gerhardus A, Gibis B, Lühmann D (ed). Health Technology Assessment: Konzepte, Methoden, Praxis für Wissenschaft und Entscheidungsfindung. Berlin: MWV, 2008. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  16. Raad voor Gezondheidsonderzoek. Medical technology assessment: Deel 1. Inventarisatie van MTA-onderzoek en een aanzet tot coördinatie. Den Haag: RGO, 1998. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  17. Radlberger P, Zechmeister I. IFEDH: Innovative Framework for Evidence based Decision making in Health care. Principles of standardised work in HTA (WP1.2). Vienna: Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Health Technology Assessment (LBI-HTA); 2011. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  18. Ricciardi W, La Torre G. Health technology Assessment: Principi, dimensioni e strumenti. Torino: SEEd; 2010. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  19. Statens beredning för medicinsk utvärdering. Utvärdering av metoder i hälso- och sjukvården: En handbok. Stockholm: SBU; 2013. [Further reference details] [Full text]

  20. World Health Organization. Health technology Assessment of medical devices. Geneva: WHO 2011. [Further reference details] [Full text]
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