Appraisal of: Zechmeister-Koss I, Schnell-Inderst P, Zauner G. Appropriate evidence sources for populating decision analytic models within health technology assessment (HTA): a systematic review of HTA manuals and health economic guidelines. Med Decis Mak

Short description: 

This was a systematic review of HTA manuals and health economic guidelines focused on identifying search approaches and information sources to populate decision analytic models. 28 documents in English and German were identified. The overall messages from these guidelines were that searches should be as systematic as possible in terms of being transparent, but that only some model parameters, chiefly effects evidence, need by informed by systematic reviews. A large number of data sources of varying types may provide information for the parameters, but there seems to be little consensus about which are essential.

There are two online supplements. One lists excluded guidelines and the second provides some detail on each of the included guidelines.

Limitations stated by the author(s): 

The search was restricted to publications in English and German and to Western countries. The focus was on information to inform model parameters rather than other aspects of developing decision models. The information is generic rather than focusing on specific model approaches.

Limitations stated by the reviewer(s): 
The resources listed in individual guidelines are not presented. The search approaches suggested in the individual guidelines are not summarized in detail.
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Single study
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