About the HTAi Interest Group on Information Retrieval (IRG)

The HTAi Interest Group on Information Retrieval (IRG) of HTAi is an Interest Sub-Group for individuals who provide the information resources, conduct research, and develop information management issues that support HTA decision making.

Members of the IRG are staff members of HTA organizations, government departments and agencies, for profit and not for profit firms, consultants and experts, and all those who use, provide, or otherwise support HTA information needs.

Among its activities, the group develops and maintains the HTAi Vortal.

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About the HTAi vortal

The HTAi vortal aims at organising at one place information of interest about Health Technology Assessment (HTA).

The HTAi Vortal was first launched in 2005 as a section of the HTAi website; a Google custom search engine was added in 2007. The HTAi Vortal was maintained until 2010 by Elaine Alligood and Megan Brenshaw and listed over 410 resources organised into 12 categories.

In 2010, the management of the Vortal was taken over by a new editorial team: Patrice Chalon and Sigrid Droste. Users were surveyed in order to evaluate the future development the Vortal should receive. As a result, a new infrastructure was developped: the Vortal version 2 was launched in 2012 as a dedicated website based on the Open Source Content Management System Drupal with a dedicated module allowing to manage references in a very profesionnal way. The Vortal version 2 also introduced a new structure by splitting the former unique structure into 3 sections: HTA Producers and networks, Selected resources and Career developement.

In 2011, a new project developped within the IRG identified the Vortal as a good publication plateform for its output; SuRe Info became thus the fourth section of the Vortal.

In 2014, the Vortal extended the services offered by hosting the first "custom bibliography" developed by another HTAi ISG.

In 2015, new editorial teams joined the Vortal.