About Bibliography

The bibliography section and the custom bibliographies

Inclusion criteria

The bibliography of the HTAi vortal includes the description of  documents cited in the different sections of the HTAi vortal provided by the HTAi Interest Group on Information Retrieval (IRG):

  • HTA Agencies & Networks: references about the local health care system (only "open access" documents)
  • Selected resources: see the dedicated About section
  • SuRe Info: references used to create an appraisal
  • Career devlopment: this section provides no reference

The bibliography of the HTAi Vortal also includes "Custom bibliographies":   lists of selected references created by other Interest Groups; inclusion criteria are defined by the respective IGs

Organisation of the bibliography section

  • The bibliography section is provided as a list sorted by default by year; user may also sort by author, title or publication type
  • The bibliography may be filtered based on various criteria; and is also searchable.

Organisation of the custom bibliographies


Content of the references

The references are provided with several links:

  • clicking on an author (or editor) automatically lists all available publications from this author
  • clicking on a keyword automatically lists all publications indexed with the same keyword
  • clicking on a tag automatically lists all the publications index with the same tag by one of the ISG
  • when available, a clickable URL is provided to the full text of the document
  • for articles, a clickable URL is provided to the PubMed record, another uses the DOI. An additional link is provided that searches Google Scholar for this article (link to full text or citations). 

The references may be exported in several biblographical formats:

  • rtf: an rtf document presenting the references following a citation style (Vancouver)
  • tagged = EndNote import format
  • XML = EndNote XML format


  • PubMed® records: Since the Bibliography module allows to populate references from PubMed®, several references are coming directly from the US National Library of Medicine (NLM). Those references may be identified thanks to the link "PubMed" at bottom of the record. This link sends you to the full PubMed® record.