About HTA producers and networks

Inclusion criteria

This section list:

  • organisations producing HTA reports
  • networks of such organisations

Organisation of the section

Access is organised by world area:

  • The full list of organisations can be filtered by world area or country; but also sorted by organisation's name, world area or country;
  • Each World area list may be sorted by organisation's name or country;
  • A Google customized search engine allows to search the content of the websites selected in this section.

Content of the descriptions

Each organisation is described with the following fields:

  • Name of the organisation
  • English name of the organisation
  • Address
  • Description of the Organisation
  • URL of the Website
  • Link to projects' list
  • Link to publications' list
  • Link to scholarships, internships, fellowships at this agency
  • Link to jobs at this agency

Also available on the organisation description page,  a selection of bibliographical resources about the organisation of the health system of its country. The full reference is available in the bibliography section of the HTAi vortal, including a link to the full text.