About Selected Resources

Inclusion criteria

This section lists web resources in the field of Health Technology Assessment.

Organisation of the section

Resources are organised following a topic taxonomy 


  • Definitions    
  • Glossaries    
  • HTA domains    
  • HTA guides    
  • HTA implementation    
  • Dissemination of HTA reports    
  • HTA in context    
  • HTA Networks    
  • Tools

Domains of HTA

  • Health problem and current use of technology    
  • Description and technical characteristics of technology    
  • Safety    
  • Diagnostic accuracy    
  • Screening tests    
  • Clinical effectiveness    
  • Costs and economic evaluation    
  • Ethical analysis    
  • Organizational aspects    
  • Social aspects    
  • Legal aspects

Further topics of interest    

  • Stakeholders involvement    
  • HTA and policy    
  • HTA and settings    
  • Impact evaluation

Content of the descriptions

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  • Implementation of the new structure
  • Update of the selected resources



  • Revision of the structure
  • Revisionof the concept (limitation of the amount of the resources per category)
  • Update of the selected resources
  • Update of the technical infrastructure
  • Import of resources selected in the former vortal (Websites of organisations, and conferences are not imported into this section of the Vortal)