About SuRe Info

Summarized Research in Information Retrieval for HTA (SuRe Info) is a section of the HTAi Vortal that provides research-based information relating to the information retrieval aspects of producing systematic reviews and health technology assessments. SuRe Info seeks to help information specialists to stay up-to-date in the latest developments in their field by providing easy access to current methods papers. It supports research-based information retrieval practice.

The SuRe Info project team is:


Inclusion criteria

Information retrieval methods publications are identified by running topic-specific search strategies in selected relevant databases. Alerts are set up for the prospective identification of publications.

Research publications that fulfil the following criteria will be included in SuRe Info:

Publications fulfilling the SuRe Info inclusion criteria receive a structured abstract along with a brief critical appraisal prepared by one SuRe Info information specialist and checked by another. The key messages from the appraisals are summarized into topic-specific chapters.

SuRe Info chapters will be updated twice a year, by the end of October and the end of March.

If you know about a recent information retrieval methods publication that fulfil our inclusion criteria, and is not already included in SuRe Info, please let us know.

Organisation of SuRe Info

SuRe Info has two sections:

  1. Information on general search methods common across all health technologies;
  2. Methods to use when searching for specific aspects of health technologies. With the exception of the chapters on Diagnostic accuracy and Qualitative research, this section is based on the domain structure of the HTA Core Model®, an on-going project to standardize the structure of HTA developed by EUnetHTA.

Description of the content