The Identification, Review and Synthesis of Health State Utility Values from the Literature.

TitleThe Identification, Review and Synthesis of Health State Utility Values from the Literature.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAra R, Brazier J, Peasgood T, Paisley S
IssueSuppl 1
Date Published2017 Dec
AbstractSystematic literature reviews of health-related quality of life (HRQoL) evidence that are to inform economic models can be challenging due to the volume of hits identified in searches using generic terms for HRQoL. Nevertheless, a robust review of the literature is required to ensure that the health state utility values (HSUVs) used in the economic model are the most appropriate available. This article provides a synopsis of literature relating to identifying, reviewing and synthesising HSUVs. The process begins with scoping the needs of the economic model, including the definitions of health states and the requirements of any reimbursement agencies. A sequence of searches may be required as the economic model evolves. The terminology used for HRQoL measures may be problematic, and as there is no robust HRQoL filter [equivalent to that applied for randomised control trial (RCTs)], sifting the results of sensitive searches can be resource intensive. Alternative approaches such as forward and backward citation searches may reduce the resources required, while maintaining the integrity of the search. Any included studies should be assessed in terms of quality using a recommended checklist, and insufficient detail in the primary studies should be noted as a short-coming in this exercise. Subject to homogeneity (similar populations, same measure and preference weights) evidence can be pooled in some way, although methodological research into the appropriateness of alternative techniques for meta-analysis is in its infancy. Reporting standards are key and as a minimum should include details on searches, inclusion/exclusion criteria (together with rationale for exclusion at each stage), assessment of quality and relevance of included studies, and justification for the choice of final HSUVs.
Alternate JournalPharmacoeconomics