Institut für Technikfolgen-Abschätzung (iTA)

The Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA) is an interdisciplinary research institute that analyses technological change, with a view to its underlying societal conditions, the options available for shaping this change, and the impacts that may result from it. Scientific technology assessment applies a broad array of methods stemming from a multitude of fields. An essential element of technology assessment methodology is the inclusion of various bodies of knowledge, values and interests via participatory procedures. Internal project teams, often in collaboration with external partners, carry out interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scientific analyses. The aim of applied and scientifically-oriented technology assessment is to generate knowledge relevant for decision-making and to identify intended and unintended consequences of development options. This knowledge is targeted at supporting politics and administration, on the one hand, and at the general public on the other hand. Our academic work seeks to better understand the societal relevance of technology and to develop further the methodological basis of technology assessment.