Access with Evidence Development

TitleAccess with Evidence Development
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2010
Corporate AuthorsCenter for Medical Technology Policy
Access Date2012-06-24
PublisherHTAi Interest Sub-Group on Conditional Coverage and Evidence Development for Promising Technologies
KeywordsBiomedical Technology
AbstractHealth Technology Assessment International (HTAi) is host of the Interest Sub-Group on Conditional Coverage/Access with Evidence Development. The scope of this group may broaden to include other forms of conditional reimbursement, such as risk sharing schemes, and appropriate breadth of focus for this ISG will be one of the issues about which we will seek feedback from the group in the near future. This online network has been created so that we may share documents and information as they are developed. We are aware that many have done a substantial amount of work on these issues already, and our hope is that this group can serve as a common forum for sharing and advancing work in this topic area.