The history of health technology assessment in Australia.

TitleThe history of health technology assessment in Australia.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsHailey D
JournalInternational journal of technology assessment in health care
Volume25 Suppl 1
Date Published2009 Jul
KeywordsAustralia; Health Policy; History, 20th Century; History, 21st Century; Technology Assessment, Biomedical
AbstractOBJECTIVES: To describe the development and application of health technology assessment (HTA) in Australia. METHODS: Review of relevant literature and other documents related to HTA in Australia. RESULTS: Most HTA activity in Australia has been associated with provision of advice for the two national subsidy programs, Medicare, and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). National advisory bodies established by the federal government have had a prominent role. Assessments from the advisory bodies have had a major influence on decisions related to Medicare and the PBS, and in some other areas. Technologies without links to the national subsidy schemes, and those that are widely distributed, have been less well covered by HTA. To some extent these are addressed by evaluations supported by state governments, but details of approaches taken are not readily available. CONCLUSIONS: HTA in Australia now has a long history and is well established as a source of advice to health decision makers. Challenges remain in extending the scope of assessments, developing more transparent approaches in some areas, and consistently applying appropriate standards.
Alternate JournalInt J Technol Assess Health Care