[SIBIL: an information tool for the information retrieval on bioethics].

Title[SIBIL: an information tool for the information retrieval on bioethics].
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsDracos A
JournalAnnali dell'Istituto superiore di sanità
Date Published2004
KeywordsBioethical Issues; Bioethics; Europe; Humans; Information Services; Information Storage and Retrieval; International Cooperation; Internet; Italy; Medical Subject Headings; National Library of Medicine (U.S.); Software; Subject Headings; Unified Medical Language System; United States
AbstractThe article describes the main features of the website SIBIL (Sistema Informativo per la Bioetica In Linea) implemented within the framework of a research project of the ISS for collecting, indexing and disseminating Italian literature on bioethics since 1995 through an integrated electronic system. The site, addressed to a wide range of people interested at different degrees and levels in bioethics, offers a comprehensive overview of the activities, such as courses and meetings, on the major ethical issues at stake in Italy, as well as a survey of the most important activities both at national and international level. The main feature of SIBIL is a database of a large collection of documents retrieved through sources or exploitation of the most important international electronic databases. A thesaurus of 1,600 terms, available in Italian and English, was created in order to organize documents with standardized criteria currently adopted in the Italian scientific environment. Future trends of the website are also discussed for sharing experiences with other countries and laying the basis for a European portal on bioethics.
Alternate JournalAnn. Ist. Super. Sanita