Deciding whether to engage the public on health care issues.

TitleDeciding whether to engage the public on health care issues.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsChafe R, Neville D, Rathwell T, Deber R
JournalHealthcare management forum / Canadian College of Health Service Executives = Forum gestion des soins de santé / Collège canadien des directeurs de services de santé
Date Published2008 Autumn
KeywordsAttitude to Health; Canada; Consumer Participation; Decision Making, Organizational; Financing, Government; Health Care Surveys; Health Policy; Health Priorities; Humans; Policy Making; Public Opinion; Resource Allocation; Role
AbstractHealth care decision-makers often face calls for greater public participation or see increasing public engagement as part of their organizational mandate. This article identifies six questions decision-makers must consider when deciding whether to formally engage the public or other stakeholders around a particular health care issue. These questions focus on (1) the clarity of the issue for public engagement, (2) the appropriateness of the issue for public engagement, (3) the extent to which there are viable options, (4) the role for the public, (5) whether the public likely want to be involved and (6) consideration of the expected advantages and disadvantages of public engagement.
Alternate JournalHealthc Manage Forum