Summarized Research in Information Retrieval for HTA

Welcome to Summarized Research in Information Retrieval for HTA (SuRe Info), a web resource that provides research-based information relating to the information retrieval aspects of producing systematic reviews and health technology assessments. SuRe Info seeks to help information specialists stay up-to-date in the latest developments by providing easy access to current methods papers, and support more research-based information retrieval practice.

The website has two sections, listed below:

  1. Information on general search methods common across all health technologies;
  2. Methods to use when searching for specific aspects of health technologies (mainly based on the structure of the HTA Core Model® developed by EUnetHTA)

Click on a heading name to reach the chapter summarizing the current research findings within that category. The references listed at the end of each chapter are linked to structured appraisals of the references, written by members of the SuRe Info project team.

SuRe Info methods and processes are described in the Authors' Manual (please see the bottom of this page).

General search methods

Searching for specific aspects of HTA


This resource is for personal, professional and non-commercial use only. Reproduction or republishing the content is not allowed. When using the HTA Core Model® we have followed the HTA Core Model Terms of Use. Views expressed in the publication appraisals are those of the SuRe Info reviewers’ and do not reflect the opinions of their respective organizations.

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