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Scope: use this with methods papers on search filter design, comparison of search filter performance

Appraisal of: Glanville J, Paisley S. Chapter 7: Searching for evidence for cost-effectiveness decisions. In: Shemilt I, Mugford M, Marsh K, Donaldson C. (editors). Evidence-based decisions and economics: health care, social welfare, education and crimin

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Appraisal of: Golder S, Loke YK. Sensitivity and precision of adverse effects search filters in MEDLINE and EMBASE: a case study of fractures with thiazolidinediones. Health Info Libr J 2012;29(1):28-38.

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Appraisal of: Golder S, Loke Y. The performance of adverse effects search filters in MEDLINE and EMBASE. Health Info Libr J 2012;29(2):141-151.

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